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Savannah's Story 

16 year old Savannah working her first job at Dutch Brothers Coffee

16 year old Savannah working her first job at Dutch Brothers Coffee

Savannah Case is the founder of Prosper Coffee Co.. She is a 20-year-old college sudent studying accounting at Azusa Pacific University in California. Savannah Case has experience in Pitch Incubator Competitions, Marketing Campaigns, and Accounting.

Her love for coffee began when she was 16 years old. She began working at Dutch Brothers Coffee and crafting lattes, freezes, and americanos for two years in High School. Fast forward four years and she made a bucket list to start a coffee company. Her love for coffee and business grew when her Entrepreneurship Professor nominated her to participate in an Entrepreneurship Conference held in Los Angeles, CA.

2018 Zuventurez Startup Competition

2018 Zuventurez Startup Competition

The entrepreneurship conference pushed her to participate in the Zuventures startup Incubator Competition. She began crafting the beverages in her college campus apartment, so that she could give samples to the investors/judges. She did not win any seed money; however, this didn’t hinder her ambition. She participated in the Abilene Christian University Startup Competition and won seed money.


2018 summer Savannah can be found manufacturing her coffee,  scheduling demos, and basically cultivating and creating her company. Savannah is now selling with New Seasons Market and other Portland grocers. She hopes to scale her business, and keep Prosper Coffee Co. prospering.

Savannah quotes,

"Prosper to me means growth. growth is taking all of the messiness in our lives and creating beauty out of it. Prosperity is creation."

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