First Post: Welcome To Prosper Coffee Co.

Hi coffee fanatics! 

Welcome to the world of Prosper Coffee. If you are a coffee lover, then you have stumbled upon the right place. Alright, what’s the hype about this Prosper stuff!? Well, let us tell you. 

We have two amazing brews out at the moment. They are plain and black— just the way our true coffee fanatics like it! Right? Let us introduce to you our two brews: 

Meet CBD Cure.  

We are the first time ever bottled cold brew coffee company in PDX with CBD Hemp Oil. I know what you are thinking, can this brew get me high? We are so sorry, but no! This brew is non-psychoactive; however, it is found to have similar benefits to the Marijuana Plant. We infuse our cold brew with this oil, due to our love of Portland, OR. We desire to embrace the Portland culture in everything we do. Our CBD Cure is also direct trade-- ethics is included in who we are as a company. We also have a Plain Cold Brew Coffee. This brew is just as great. 

Meet Plain Jane.  

Just in case you don’t need the benefits of CBD, we also have a plain cold brew coffee. Have you ever heard of direct trade? These beans are ethically sourced and directly traded with our producers. What this means is we make sure that our producers are getting paid fairly and treated with respect. This is extremely valuable in our industry, because coffee is highly traded. 

We love coffee and we hope that you love ours too. Please follow our blog journey through our website. We will be posting once a week. 

Thank you for reading, coffee fanatics!  

Savannah Case— CEO & Founder  


Savannah Case