6 Health Benefits of CBD Coffee

Have you heard about CBD in coffee becoming a trend? It’s 2020 and the beverage world is in for a brand new way to drink coffee. 

“CBD” stands for Cannabidiol, which is one of the counterparts found in the hemp plant. The psychoactive counterpart of the hemp plant is called THC -- This is what makes you feel “high.” CBD, however, does not contain any THC

With CBD becoming more and more popular, many people are trying different ways to incorporate this wonderful and health beneficial oil into their self care routine. Although the FDA has not yet approved any CBD health benefits, our customers claim that it does produce a variety of health benefits or help reduce jitters when pairing with coffee.

As with anything, consistency is key. If someone is using CBD for medicinal purposes, they need to be consistent with taking it everyday. This is why implementing CBD Coffee into your morning routine is needed.

Six Health Benefits of CBD Coffee
  1. Reduce anxiety and depression
  2. Improve sleep and reduce Insomnia 
  3. Lower pain
  4. Decrease inflammation
  5. Help prevent Epilepsy and seizures
  6. Increase focus and concentration 

Harvard Health quotes, “CBD is commonly used to address anxiety, and for patients who suffer through the misery of insomnia, studies suggest that CBD may help with both falling asleep and staying asleep.” Harvard Health also found that CBD may help treat different types of chronic pain.

The European Journal of pain has conducted a study as well and found that when CBD is applied on the skin, it may help lower the amount of the pain and inflammation (often caused by arthritis). To provide even more proof that CBD truly does help your health, The FDA approved its first drug containing CBD to help with different forms of epilepsy. This is the first drug to ever be made deriving from the marijuana plant.

By including CBD in coffee, you are creating an easy routine for yourself to make sure that you get your daily dose. If you already drink coffee every morning, why not include CBD as well?

Why Put CBD in Coffee?

  1. An easy daily dose of CBD (without the taste of the oil): If you don’t like the taste of CBD, the coffee helps eliminate the taste of the oil.
  2. Health benefits derived from CBD: If you are trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle, this is an easy way to incorporate another healthy product into your daily routine. See our article on the why you should use CBD in your coffee by clicking here
  3. Could decrease the jitters you get from coffee: Customers have found that the anxiety and jitters that come along with coffee decrease when paired with CBD

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