About Prosper Coffee

We've dedicated a lot of time, thought, and hard work into finding the most delicious, ethically sourced, and sustainable coffee to use. Coffee to us is more than just a beverage, it is an experience and a beautiful part of a morning routine.

As we have introduced our brand with wellness collagen coffee creamer, with the most natural and organic collagen in all Portland, we will continue to add wellness products to our product line. We have also capitalized on picking the best quality coffee to ensure that you are getting the highest amount of antioxidants in every cup. 

As prosper coffee grows, we are ready to build a team that empowers one another with respects to wholesome living, living more sustainably, and kindness. We have goals as a company to build a brand around our customers desires, sourcing natural and healthy ingredients, and being environmentally conscious. 

We are proud to claim the name Prosper Coffee, due to the significance of the word Prosper. To us, the word prosper means that no matter the circumstance, we will always have hope and a future. In the Hebrew language, the word prosper means cause to blossom, fly, cause to fly, thrive, and flower. Thriving and blossoming symbolizes prosperity and growth at the inner core of who we are. Lets prosper together. 

About Our Founder 


A note from the founder

It all started when I had this crazy idea to start a coffee company at age 20. Did I have all the answers? Um, not exactly. Was I financially stable? Definitely not. Did I have investors? Nope. Was I ambitious enough to pull it all together and get it done? Yes, it's crazy what a person can do!

Fast forward two years and I won multiple startup pitch competitions. These competitions helped fund my journey with Prosper Coffee. After a lot of mistakes, detours, and anxiety, I successfully launched Prosper Coffee May of 2018 selling in over 20 stores in Oregon. Come May of 2020, I launched Prosper Coffee online, as I saw an opportunity with the food and beverage industry on the e-commerce platform. 

I wanted to create a product that kept me caffeinated, while also improving my skins elasticity and preventing my skin from aging. I knew I had to launch a collagen coffee creamer. This helped us differentiate ourselves from every other coffee brand, while also staying true to our niche and our values as a health and wellness company. I have always loved coffee and have been conscious about nourishing and taking care of my skin. I use collagen every morning. I dedicated 6 months to research and development and crafted the perfect recipe. One year later, Prosper Coffee's collagen creamer was crafted. 



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Hey there! Are you guys in effect and selling product? curious about purchasing your name from you.
Holler at Me.

Maddee Forster October 21, 2020


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YES GF👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 Cannot wait

Ally August 16, 2020


interested in your coffee where are the types posted.

Mack Johnsen

Mack Johnsen August 13, 2020


interested in your coffee where are the types posted.

Mack Johnsen

Mack Johnsen August 13, 2020

I literally get so excited when I know my shipment is coming! Can’t wait!

Kim Rose May 09, 2020

Can’t wait to get mine! I feel in love with your cold brew. Yahoooo!

Kim Rose May 09, 2020

What an inspiring message about your product and it’s potentials for healing a body. Oh by the way, IT TASTES WONDERFUL !
Best wishes for you as you move forward in your business.

Jim May 09, 2020

My favorite morning ritual is to grab my Prosper, open my windows, and daydream about what the day holds.

Corrie LaVelle Ebel May 05, 2020

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