How to Make Chemex CBD Coffee

A Chemex is one of the oldest forms of pressing coffee and it is still regarded as one of the best brewing methods – and for good reason. One sip of a well dialed in pour-over and you’ll be hooked, trust me. And the best part? They’re so easy to make! Of course, it will take a bit of practice, but after a while, you’ll get the hang of it and be making them every morning!

7 Steps to Make Chemex CBD Coffee 
  1. To start, I recommend using 40 grams of coffee to 640 grams of water, although once you try out the recipe, adjust the water or coffee dose accordingly. Start boiling water while you weigh out your coffee and grind to a coarseness resembling sea salt (most grinders will have a guide online which will tell you exactly which setting to grind at for a pour-over). 
  2. Open the filter by pulling one layer away from the others so you have three layers of the filter on one side and one on the other, place the thinker side of the filter against the pour spout of the Chemex. Using your boiling water (ideally, around 200℉) saturate the entire filter ensuring each bit is wet. Remove the filter, dump out the water, and replace the filter.
  3. Dump your ground coffee into the filter ensuring it lays in the filter as flat as possible.
  4. You will now pour the water over the coffee; there will be four pours total. This first one is called the bloom. Start by gently pouring in twice the amount of water as you did coffee. So if you used 40g of coffee then pour in 80g of water. Starting at the center, slowly pour, working your way gently outward and avoid pouring down the sides of the filter. The coffee will start to expand and bubble, this is the bloom. Allow it to sit, blooming for about 45 seconds.
  5. Again, pour water in a circular pattern starting in the center and spiraling out toward the edge before spiraling back toward the middle. Avoid pouring directly on the filter. Use about 200 grams of water for this pour. Once you have poured 200g, allow the coffee to drip through the filter for about 30 seconds. Repeat this step two more times.
  6. At the end of your last pour, allow the water to drip through the grounds. When the stream coming from the filter becomes a drip every couple of seconds, remove the filter. This whole process should take between 3.5 and 4.5 minutes. If you are above or below this ideal time consider changing your pour rate or waiting more or less time between pours. You can also experiment with grind size (too fast means too coarse of a grind so consider making it a bit finer next time).
  7. To finish, pour your Chemex into a mug and add in the amount of CBD you desire. This amount will depend on the CBD you are using as well as your personal preference. Simply stir into your cup and enjoy!



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