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Direct Trade


Speciality Coffee Association Approved


Is coffee a health beverage?

You bet! Caffeine is used to stimulate brain function, boost energy levels, and protect the body against inflammation and diseases; so, of course coffee is a health beverage! Caffeine has been a very controversial subject, but our coffee recognizes that caffeine affects people differently. This is why we offer three different levels for each 12 oz bottle.

We also use healthy ingredients like all natural sweeteners, organic cream, and dairy free alternatives in our cold brew. 



A healthy lifestyle includes ethics. Sourcing is included in our definition of health. We only use beans where the producers (farmers) are treated fairly. The producers are the ones who enable us to drink our coffee. They harvest the coffee cherries, dry the beans, and then put them in the mill. We directly trade with our farmers, which means that we cut out all of the middleman certification agencies that take away 

Our model is beneficial for our producers. We eliminated the third-party certification programs that are highly contreversial. This way we have more control over quality, social issues, and even environmental factors. 


who we are

We have partnered with Caravan Coffee to roast our beans. 

Caravan is part of the following Associations: 

Member of the Specialty Coffee Association of America (Since 1998).

Member of the Roaster’s Guild (Roastmaster is certified level 1 and 2)

Member of Coffee Quality Institute (Roastmaster is certified Quality Grader)


We make sure that our beans are of the best quality. Quality to us is defined by taste and sustainability. Everything we do, we do ethically.