Why CBD infused?

We have created a premium process that infuses Prosper Coffee Co.’s ground coffee with CBD Hemp Oil.

CBD hemp oil includes fatty acids, protein, fiber, vitamin & Minerals, chlorophyll, flavonoids, and terpenes. CBD is used to treat acne, alzheimer’s disease, type 1 diabetes, pain, reduce anxiety and depression, and help reduce inflammation and risk of cancer. CBD is a cannabinoid; however, this is not psychoactive. It will not leave you with a “high”.

Our company was founded in Portland, OR, so we desired to embrace the Portland culture. Our customers are extremely health conscious. We infuse our cold brew coffee with this CBD Hemp oil to help our customers with pain, inflammation, and more. We recognize that THC can be harmful, so that is why our coffee is made with no THC added.

We are brining innovations to the coffee industry.


All About CBD 

CBD is a compound derived from cannabis strains from industrial hemp. CBD's molecular structure is similar to THC, but its effect in humans is different. Did you know... CBD is completely safe at high dose, non psychoactive, and it is the only known organism with significant amounts of CBD in it. In 2012, flax seeds were found to contain small amounts of CBD.

Two Forms

CBDA (Cannabidiolic Acid): CBDA is the precursor to CBD. It is the form dominant in living cannabis plants or freshly cured material.

CBD (Cannabidiol): CBD is the result of decarboxylation of CBDA. This takes place over time as CBDA is exposed to air, light, and higher temperatures. The process of converting CBDA to CBD can be accelerated with high heat. 

The two forms, even though nearly identical molecularly, have different effects in humans and animals.  Both forms can be used therapeutically. 

Recent Research Shows

CBD is engineered to be water soluble and Bioavailability is increase. This means that more CBD makes it through the metabolic procedure, resulting in an actual reduction of serving size.

Water Solubility of CBD Gaining More Attention

Scientists and researchers look at the best ways of CBD absorption in the body. The body  absorbs more if it is water soluble. When CBD isn’t processed to be soluble in water, the body doesn’t have the opportunity to absorb as much as it can. What’s left is passed through the bowels or urine, essentially wasted because the body wasn’t able to take in all it could.


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